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Patrick Lui Hong Kong

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Xiqu Centre
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«Patrick Lui Hong Kong»

Saturday Sa - 08:30pm
August, 2020
Aug 15 Sa - 08:30pm
08:30 PM
Route 3, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong SAR


That's right, ladies and gentlemen do we have some good news for you! Yes, if you couldn't guess from the big letters written above, Patrick Lui is setting to play the oh so impressive Xiqu Centre! With Patrick Lui setting out to give a show that'll dazzle, inspire and everything in between, you know you'll be in for an incredible show! Even better news, with StubHub now offering tickets for Patrick Lui Hong Kong there's literally no good reason you should pass up on this incredible opportunity! So hurry up and be one of the firsts to have a Patrick Lui Hong Kong ticket in your pocket!