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Home / Events / 全球首個LINE FRIENDS 瑜伽體驗 《LINE FRIENDS YOGA DAY – ICBC (ASIA)全力支持》


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Hong Kong, Hong Kong
New Territories
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Date and time


Sunday Su - 04:30pm
June, 2020
Jun 21 Su - 04:30pm
04:30 PM
New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong SAR


The world's first LINE FRIENDS YOGA Experience "LINE FRIENDS YOGA DAY - ICBC (ASIA) Full Support" June 21 Live Online Live With BROWN and FRIENDS and NIKE Star Yoga Instructors To Explore LINE FRIENDS Yoga World Official Training Partner NIKE TRAINING Partner NIKE TRAINING Partner, Join Inga Yoga In Response to International Yoga Day LINE FRIENDS credit card holders on May 31 Priority Sign Up On this day of mutual support and encouragement, organiser Six Grants Events hopes to bring a bit of positive energy, revitalise spirit and vitality to the world's leading international creative studio LINE FRIENDS, and host the world's first "LINE YOGA FRIENDS " (ASIA) on Sunday, June 21st. June 21st is the annual International Yoga Day, and this year is father's day, perfect for a group of LINE FRIENDS fans, yoga enthusiasts, and even a large and small family to participate, and BROWN and FRIENDS friends Together in response to the International Day of Yoga, to celebrate the vitality of Father's Day! NIKE TRAINING CLUB (NTC) is the official training partner of LINE FRIENDS YOGA Experience "LINE FRIENDS YOGA DAY" in the world, where two NIKE-star yoga instructors, Delia Leung and Dominic Fan, will be in the sea port city with stunning views of Victoria Harbour Sea View," which takes all line FRIENDS fans, yoga enthusiasts and spectators watching live broadcasts to experience different yoga moves, enjoy the varied yoga style, breathing and meditation, and lead you to yoga together, relax, enjoy parent-child time, and then release positive energy! On June 21st, the "LINE FRIENDS YOGA DAY" Yoga Experience will be broadcast live in two parts, "LINE FRIENDS YOGA DAY - ICBC (ASIA) Full Support" Yoga Experience will be held on Sunday, June 21 from 4:30 pm to 5.45pm, and will be divided into two parts: LINE FRIENDS KONG KONG Yogis Team Exclusive Live Experience and Free Public Live Experience. LINE FRIENDS HONG KONG YOGIS TEAM EXCLUSIVE LIVE EXPERIENCE FROM 4.30PM TO 5 PM, AND FREE PARTICIPATION FROM ALL LINE FRIENDS FANS, YOGA ENTHUSIASTS AND CHILDREN, FROM 5.15PM TO 5.45PM. The two-part live experience follows the lovely BROWN, CONY and NIKE star yoga instructors Delia Leung and Dominic Fan to explore the world of LINE FRIENDS yoga and experience the fun of yoga. A global limited number of 1,500 "LINE FRIENDS YOGA DAY Limited Yogis Pass" becomes a member of LINE FRIENDS HONG KONG KONG Yogis Team, with a budding yoga outfit combined with BROWN and CONY to embark on a journey to explore yoga Global Limited 1 The 50,00-seat "LINE FRIENDS YOGA DAY Limited Yogis Pass" is divided into Basic and Deluxe versions, and successfully sign up for "LINE FRIENDS YOGA DAY Limited Yogis Pass" to become a member of line FRIENDS HONG KONG Yogis Team! In addition to both acquired and innovative and highly collectible, and very rich in limited yoga equipment and souvenirs, the LINE FRIENDS YOGA DAY event is limited to the exclusive live experience pass to log into the exclusive live experience session (4.30pm to 5pm), or then continue to watch the free live public experience period (5.15pm to 5.45pm) for a fun and vibrant yoga experience with the lovely BROWN and CONY. May 31 to June 1 ICBC LINE FRIENDS信用卡*持卡人优先报名 全球限量共1500个名额的「LINE FRIENDS YOGA DAY限定Yogis Pass」含Basic版或Deluxe版,两个版本各配备丰富的活动限定瑜伽装备及纪念品,相信势必掀起LINE FRIENDS粉丝们及瑜伽爱好者的抢购热潮! Priority registration will begin on May 31st this Sunday with a valid ICBC . . . LINE FRIENDS credit card holders can register in person from 31 May to 1 June 2020 (11 am to 9 pm daily) to 3 designated Line FRIENDS Stores in Hong Kong (including LINE FRIENDS Store , LINE FRIENDS Store , New Town Plaza and LINE FRIENDS Store , Hysan Place, each valid LINE FRIENDS credit cards are limited to 2 places per version. Limited quantity, full amount. (Successful lying friends will be confirmed within 5 working days by email with a date and place of receipt of the equipment.) The priority registration benefits are subject to the terms and conditions. Tip: Borrow, get a good loan first! Online public registration will begin at 12 noon (Hong Kong time) on June 2, when LINE FRIENDS fans and yoga enthusiasts can register for the "LINE FRIENDS FRIENDS to subscribe for the "LINE FRIENDS FRIENDS YOGA day limited Yogis Pass" (subscription link will be available before 12 noon on June 2), with a maximum of 2 places per person. Limited quantity, full amount. LINE FRIENDS fans and yoga enthusiasts, please keep a close eye on the latest information on the event's official website and social platform page: Official website: Facebook: Instagram :