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Homework Tutorial Class

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Blue Bean Education Centre
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«Homework Tutorial Class»

Thursday Th - 04:00pm
June, 2020
Jun 11 Th - 04:00pm
04:00 PM
Sheung Lok St, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong SAR


Pupils are young, do their homework and not concentrate, parents have a headache? Blue Bean Education Center homework tutor team of professional tutors, experienced, small class teaching to ensure results. The classroom is clean and comfortable, learning more focused, and reinforces the knowledge to deepen the impression. Study silent books, tests, tests one-stop, cultivate positive learning attitude, children to learn more self-confidence and vitality! Do you want your child to do your homework and focus on it, build confidence in learning, input and love of learning? Join our well-known high-quality tutoring classes in Hung Hom today!