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Home / Events / Deliveroo own virtual brand "Wing It!" brings you a spicy summer!
Deliveroo own virtual brand "Wing It!" brings you a spicy summer!

Deliveroo own virtual brand 'Wing It!' brings you a spicy summer!

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
New Territories
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«Deliveroo own virtual brand "Wing It!" brings you a spicy summer!»

Wednesday We - 12:00am
July, 2020
Jul 29 We - 12:00am
12:00 AM
New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong SAR


For those who are working from home or staying at home as a result of the recent situation, Deliveroo is bringing you some juicy news- the arrival of Deliveroo’s newest virtual brand – Wing It!. Explosively flavoured and cooked to crispy-tender perfected, chicken wings by Wing It! are the “it” food of these days and Deliveroo is the only place to try a bite. Initially started in the UK, the virtual chicken wings brand was so beloved by Londoners thanks to its succulent, addictively seasoned crispy wings that in less than six months, Wing It! expanded from six virtual kitchens to an additional five restaurant sites. It was a no brainer for Deliveroo to bring the sensationally popular brand to foodie paradise Hong Kong – which is now the first place anywhere in Asia and the rest of the world besides the UK where diners can see what the crave-worthy hype is all about. As the newest virtual brand from Deliveroo, Wing It! offers straight-to-door delivery so that hungry people across the city get even more opportunities to try the variety of unique and scrumptious wings. Equally passionate about helping Hong Kongers indulge in delicious new bites, Deliveroo partner, Cali-Mex Bar & Grill will be home to the Wing It! kitchens, across eight different outlets in Hong Kong. What’s more, Wing It! is now on Deliveroo’s catering menu. Hong Kongers could order Wing It! for all kinds of work or social occasions. The staple food of the summer, wings are sure to bring the whole crew together. Whether cheering on the game at home, snacking on something scrumptious during a movie night in, or simply too lazy to cook after work at home, Wing It! is there to satisfy every kind of chicken wing craving. Because Deliveroo knows how seriously Hong Kongers take their wings, Wing It! has over six exclusive and mouth-watering flavours on offer: 1. Sweet Tangy BBQ: One of Wing It!’s two most popular flavours, the smoky Sweet Tangy BBQ wings are sweet and tangy, without the spice. 2. Korean Chilli: Upping the spice factor ever so slightly, these juicy Korean Chilli wings bring a punch of Asian flavour. 3. Louisiana Style: Prepare your taste buds for a trip down south as the Louisiana Style wings boast a sharp mustard-based sauce with a chilli kick. 4. Siracha Gold: The summer is about to get a whole lot hotter (so get your glass of milk ready) with the sweet Siracha hot sauce, topped off with coriander, crushed chillies and fresh lime. 5. Classic Buffalo: The second of Wing It!’s two most popular flavours – zest is best, as the Classic Buffalo wing flavour is extra spicy. We would recommend having two glasses of milk nearby. 6. Nashville Hot: Not for the faint of heart! The Nashville Hot wings are the spiciest and zingiest wings on offer from Wing It!, so get your tissues ready! To celebrate International Wings Day on 29 July, Deliveroo and Wing It! are offering stellar promotions, including a free Asahi beer with every order and 20% off the entire Wing It! menu. To keep the momentum going, the two partners will also offer 20% off the whole menu for orders over HK$200, from 29 July– 4 August, making it the perfect time to get cozy at home, and allow Deliveroo to bring the best wings in town straight to your door.