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Adult Ballet Class

Adult Ballet Class

New Kowloon Plaza
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«Adult Ballet Class»

Saturday Sa - 05:30pm
May, 2020
May 30 Sa - 05:30pm
05:30 PM
Tai Nan W St, 1008, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong SAR


Do you have a ballet dream? Still envious of other people's good temperament? It's better to start learning adult ballet right away . . . the woman who practices ballet may not be the most beautiful, but she can't resist an elegant, inner-out charm. Through the training of ballet basic skills, can correct the bad shape, regardless of standing position or sitting position, can make the girls to maintain a stand-off. Walking down the temple ballet, in the shape of beauty at the same time, but also bring out the inner elegant temperament, so that "mortals" can also experience the "swan" dance dexterity and elegance. Our adult ballet class welcomes students of any age to come together to exercise their bodies, build body and enhance their temperament. Classroom time: smon: 19:30-20:30 sat: 17:30-18:30 Tuition: s: $180 - Eight Classes: $1200 Mentor Profile: - Graduated from Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts Majoring in Ballet and Dance Education - Participation in performances by the Hong Kong Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre Won several Competition Gold Awards Please check and Make an appointment to call or WhatsApp: 9829-7200 Address: (Olympic Station C4 Exit) 38 Tai Kok Tsui Road New Kowloon Plaza 809 Room Music Center